gyeong in jung

gyeong in jung

gyeong in jung
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make a word that ending is 'at'

Cricket Classroom Creations offers a FREE set of Work Stations and/or independent practice sheets using the -at Word Family. These activities provi.

When your class is quiet...the balls are still.

Use this website to quiet down your class! The balls bounce when there is quite a bit of noise in the room. The challenge is to get the balls to settle down or stop moving completely. Think it will work in my high school room?

introduce themselves

Love this idea! students pretend they are the main character. Biography Poster- This will really require students to KNOW what they have on their poster, not just write facts down :-) Could so be used for author studies or character analysis.

classroom english with gesture!

Special Needs/Education Pocket Communication Cards PDF file 7 page, printable resource. These cards are a must when working with special needs or very young children who need help when communicating basic needs. Keep these small cards in your pocket or