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So encouraging! I won't do it -> I've done it! 我不会做 我不能做 我想做 我怎么做 我试着做 我能做 我做完了!

我不会做 - wǒ bú huì zuò - I won't do - я не буду делать 我不能做 - wǒ bù néng zuò - I can't do - я не могу делать 我想做 - wǒ xiǎng zuò - I want to do - я хочу сд. - Mandarin Chinese From Scratch

Chinese family tree kinship relationship system illustrated explained; multi-generation family chart

Learning the names of family & relatives takes time in Chinese. There are MANY ways to address family depending on their relationship to you. Take a look at this Chinese family tree & kinship relationship system.

Hong Kong ‏@discoverhk 5h5 hours ago Some of #HongKong’s most popular local diner foods #hkfood @discoverhk on Twitter

This pictorial shows popular foods in Chinese. Students can learn some popular foods that they may be able to apply in real life to order in a Chinese cafe or bakery.