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Angel Boligan

Access to Violence by cartoonist Angel Boligan published on 2018-02-27 00:00:00 at Cuban-born Angel Boligan lives in Mexico, and is the editorial cartoonist for El Universal, Learn More …

Alabaster King Tut, canopic jar (detail), found in Tut's tomb, Egypt. Canopic jars just like this one many times held certain organs of the deceased. Ancient Egypt Art, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient History, Ancient Aliens, European History, Ancient Greece, American History, Khol Eyeliner, Canopic Jars

Alabaster King Tut canopic jar

Explore Thunderwolf-Tsahizn Tseh.'s photos on Flickr. Thunderwolf-Tsahizn Tseh. has uploaded 476 photos to Flickr.

"Bast and the Sculptor" - full view of 1999 bas relief by Australian artist Kameron Rieck in memory of his much-loved cat Kippa. Cats In Ancient Egypt, Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Art History, Egyptian Cats, Egyptian Mythology, Egyptian Goddess, European History

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"Bast and the Sculptor" - full view of 1999 bas relief by Australian artist Kameron Rieck in memory of his much-loved cat Kippa.

Terracotta figure of Isis-Thermuthis in a shrine. Isis-Thermuthis, with a cobra's body and the torch of Demeter, in a shrine surmounted by a. Ancient Aliens, Ancient Art, Ancient Egypt, Ancient History, Art History, Ancient Goddesses, Gods And Goddesses, Arte Tribal, Isis Goddess


the Goddess Isis wearing the vulture-cap with the Uraeus and the Solar disk with two feathers and two uraei; detail from the Chapel of the Goddess Isis in the “Hall of the Mysteries” of…

Sacred Animals in Ancient Egypt Egyptian Mythology, Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient History, Art History, Historical Artifacts, Ancient Artifacts, Aliens And Ufos, Ancient Architecture, Art Plastique

Hedgehog. Sacred animals of ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians held animals in the highest regard. Both pets and wild animals were incredibly important to Egyptian society, from mummified cats to chariot-pulling stallions.

Nimrud -Head of a roaring lion, Neo-Assyrian, ca c. Minoan, Sumerian, Ancient History, Art History, Monuments, Stone Lion, Fu Dog, Roaring Lion, Cradle Of Civilization

Head of a roaring lion

Head of a roaring lion Period: Neo-Assyrian Date: ca. 9th–8th century B.C. Geography: Mesopotamia, Nimrud (ancient Kalhu) Culture: Assyrian Assyrian-style ivory carving, contrasting with Phoenician- and Syrian-style ivories found at Nimrud, is illustrated by this ferocious lion's head. Assyrian craftsmen also carved subjects that appear on the stone bas-reliefs of the Assyrian palaces on flat ivory panels, including scenes of warfare, processions, and divinities approaching the sacred tree.

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Mycopia Mushrooms

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Zeus Sarapis as a Snake - at the Rijksmuseum Oudheden, Leiden Greek Gods And Goddesses, Sculpture, Egyptian Art, Ancient Aliens, Ancient Artifacts, Archaeology, Mythology, Magick, Snake

The Egyptian Face of Jesus: How the politically created cult of Sarapis reveals Jesus Christ as constructed religious synthesis

If Jesus Christ wasn’t a historical person, where did he come from? Who created him? How does one go about ‘creating’ a god anyway; and who would worship a fiction? To begin with, keep in mind that…

Votive relief to Zeus Meilichios - from the harbor of Zea, IV BC- now Altes Museum, Berlin Ancient Aliens, Ancient Rome, Ancient History, Snake Art, Art Premier, Art Sculpture, Ancient Artifacts, Sacred Art, Ancient Civilizations


Today 4 December, ΑΡΕΩΣ (Tuesday), Δεκάτη Ὑστέρα/ Δεκάτη Φθίνοντος/ Μετεικὰς/ Ἀμφιδεκάτη, XXI day Sacred day to Athena. Since it is not known the exact date of the festival Pompaia in honor of Zeus...

Dagon is No Match for Yahweh in 1 Samuel 5 Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Ancient Mesopotamia, Mystery Of History, Sumerian, European History, American History, Merfolk, Ancient Artifacts

Top 10 Deities Personified As Animals

While many representations of deities throughout history have taken the form of humans or ethereal spirits without bodies, there have also been a number which took after animals. Whether or not they were idealized for their specific traits, such as strength or intelligence, the animal kingdom has given humans plenty of inspiration when it comes to our gods. 10. Coyote Pantheon: Native American Literally represented as a talking coyote, this deity was extremely popular in Native American…

  Ancient Egypt Art, Old Egypt, Ancient Aliens, Ancient History, Egyptian Mythology, Egyptian Symbols, Egyptian Art, Beetle Tattoo, Egypt Mummy

Kheper (scarabée) : définition

Histophile • Samouraï et katana, templier et épée, Occitanie et cathare, dragon et légende celtique, Antiquité égyptienne et gréco-romaine... Personnalisation.

Striding Horned Demon Mesopotamia or Iran, ca.Striding Horned Demon Mesopotamia or Iran, ca. 3000 B. Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Civilizations, Historical Artifacts, Ancient Artifacts, Ancient Persian, Ancient Near East, Ancient Mysteries, Prehistory, Japanese Prints

Striding figure with ibex horns, a raptor skin draped around the shoulders, and upturned boots | Proto-Elamite | Proto-Elamite | The Met

Period: Proto-Elamite. Date: ca. 3000 B.C.. Geography: Mesopotamia or Iran. Culture: Proto-Elamite. Medium: Copper alloy. Dimensions: H. 17.5 cm (6 7/8 in.)...