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Photo App

Photo App

Main menu to sub menu --- Photo App - Mobile app interface UI UX

I will leanr how to make these sweet-ass-sweet animated Gifs. iOS - New Gestures by Javi Pérez

iOS - New Gestures

Concept for fashion forecatsing and trend prediction.This app scans the social web (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Lookbook, ... and even blogs of leading guru's in every area of fashion to see which products are most mentioned, anticipated, hyped, liked…

jo van grinderbeek - Fashion Trends - Clever use of the logo, and colours from the logo throughout the design, could use some of the ideas from which they have based the app on to inform my designs and stylings.

CUG Mobile App on Behance

CUG Mobile App on Behance ! one-pager look. You become a feeling as if you scroll a full functioning onepage website.