Drop-Toilet of tomorrow by Pengfei LI, via Behance.

The toilet 'drop' is a prospective concept. Thanks to the sensor system, we don't need to touch to use. And the foam water replaces the normal water, we save water for every flush.

Emergency Exit Lighting and Water Sprinkler System. #safety #emergency #YankoDesign

화재시 안내 조명 컨셉 Way Out Light – Emergency Exit Lighting and Water Sprinkler System by Hwang Jong Gyu, Lee Sung-ho and Choe Heun Guk

Goal Zero Torch 250 Emergency Flashlight - charge via the integrated solar panel, or the convenient hand crank

Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight - The Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight can handle both tasks. It features a powerful 70 lumen LED floodlight and a 180 lumen LED spotlight, red emergency lights, a power saving mode that can keep things running for up to 48 ho

Luminous - Flashlight by Omer Deutsch

A new concept design called Luminous Flashlight has been created by a designer called Omer Deutsch for Adventurers who love to camp in the wild.


Ignite is a fresh take on a regular bulky emergency luminaire.

Soft Lighting Find Its Way » Yanko Design

Reflected light on paper can be annoying, especially when one is reading. Soft Light provides the user with a luminescence that can be positioned to best

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