Unique Web Design, Lexus NX (http://www.lexus.eu/car-models/nx/nx-house/index.tmex#/discover/hero) #WebDesign #Design (http://www.pinterest.com/aldenchong/)

Awesome web project, Lexus NX, creative, nice performance and great mobile experience.

Lexus of Brisbane | Twofold Graphic & Web Design

Twofold is a boutique, creative, web design and graphic design studio based in Brisbane. We work for clients in Melbourne, Sydney and throughout the world.

Volkswagen | Sports Cars Cool website with nice & smooth animations. http://www.volkswagen-sportscars.fr

good communication about the characteristics of the car

배경이미지 활용

Peugeot™ Fractal - Tribute Website

Toyota UK - Andrew Edwards web design

Fabulous Layout: great lighting and contrast with cool designs. great idea to jazz up the yearbook

Power dumbbell incorporated with gyroscope and using centrifugal force to replace the conventional method of purchasing multiple array of weights to change the weight.

Banking on gyroscope and centrifugal force to add weight to its being, the Power Dumbbell is a unique option in weight training tech.

Light Bulbs

Selected sketches from my 2016 Sketchbook. I like blending digital and analog sketching techniques to create something new. Thats why I experiment in my sketchbooks with different analog and digtal sketching styles and most of the pictures are digitally…

Cool and Modern Web Designs Gallery

Cool and Modern Web Designs Gallery

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