These illustrations by Pawel Kuczynski perfectly make fun of our obsession with Facebook

These illustrations perfectly make fun of our obsession with Facebook

Sandra- Confessional, by Pawel Kuczynski Metaphorical illustration- discusses a viewpoint on social media - where the figure shares his entire life as you would open your hearth for the father in church

Pawel Kuczynski, while not a household name in the USA, has won hundreds of awards in Europe for his incredible illustrations that comment on social, econo

Pawel Kuczynski

Pawel Kuczynski, a Polish artist has worked in satirical illustration specialising in thought-provoking images that make his audience question their everyday lives.

SATIRICAL CARTOON - Finding refuge in satirical cartoons since Pawel Kuczynski has won hundreds of commendations for his work. His cartoons feature themes like environmental problems, social issues, poverty, addiction and more.