I especially like those characterized, simple illustrations. Its really plain, simple but easy and clear way to depict what it is

Animal Collage - Graphic Art

Great lesson with wedges, circles, fractions, and cute animals! What a great kids quilt.drunkard's path plus. My Three Sons: I Drank the Kool-Aid

Ryo Takemasa

Compendium of Radness

This reminds me of "ratatouille"- Ryo Takemasa - beautiful japanese graphic illustrations. Will look stunning in a kitchen

I don't know who made this Karen O poster on Pinterest but it's nice.

Graphic - A possibility is a very minimalist approach - using outstanding traits / features of the band and their instruments to create a striking visual - eg. Anna's long hair and little nose paired with piano keys.

Icon design [The cultura history of Korea] on Behance:

Icon design [The cultura history of Korea] on Behance: (inspiration asiatique)