Submit Button by Colin Garven

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iOS - New Gestures

iOS - New Gestures

Gesture-driven UI is the best solution for mobile UX. It provides variant functionalities to your website in mobile platforms.

Mobile Modal Menu #UI | Flat User Interface Design

[GIF] Mobile Menu

Check the Mobile menu I did for a new project, mostly some JS. The idea is to mimic the native app experience in the browser by


Wikipedia Mobile – Main page

Notes & Reminder App GIF by Jokūbas Setkauskas

Notes & Reminder App GIF


Media details animation GIF

Expanding product gallery by Ivan Bjelajac

Expanding product gallery

An interaction concept of a product details screen in a retail app. by Ivan Bjelajac

Dribbble - Events (iOS7) by Creativedash #UImotion

Events (iOS7)

Event inbox in action. Here is what's going on: User pulls down to refresh, new message loads, as you scroll down the + button shrinks but stays fixed on top, scrolling up resizes the button.

Interactive intro (iphone app) by Lailla

Interactive intro (iphone app)

This is part of the animation for an upcoming app. It has a general simple, clean design but the motion is what should make it stand out

animated donut Original:

Filling the screen area with a solid white color which value makes up the percentage is an expression controlled by a simple slider fx. The goal was to end up with simple, lite and nice donut chart.