Yummly Mobile - this recipe app is AWESOME. I use it all the time.

With so many recipes app proliferating the net, I still find Yummly a real visual treat. Yummly Mobile by Douglas Hughmanick, via Behance

Weather App UI by Bhuvan UI

Weather App UI

via Muzli design inspiration. “Weather app inspiration” is published by Muzli in Muzli -Design Inspiration

Customer profile: Lists information about the target market, such as age, income level, ethnic background, occupation, attitudes, lifestyle, and geographic residence. (Ch.1)

The Ink iOS Mobile UI Kit is a tool designed to help you create design apps and prototypes faster and easier than ever. The key feature of this kit is represented by its templates. These are high-quality, completely customizable screens organized int

Incredible and Exciting Artwork from Creative Mints (+ Process Shots)

Incredible Artwork & Character Designs by Sergi Brosa (+Process Shots)

android graphical ui theme - Google Search

Today we're gathered 20 fresh UI Kits for web design. Free (user interface design kits) are valuable asset for any web and graphic designer. UI Kits in other