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this is a great example of a sharp and modern layout. interestingly they also use the colour red in their design, and this really makes the image look sharp and passionate. So in order to convey the message of passion, the colour red is vital layout art

Unilever 'Welcome' environmental graphics

F-U-N way to incorporate mandatory OHS items into a design using wide format printing. Unilever's welcome signage incorporates dual fire extinguishers into a design of a scuba diver!

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Professional Invoice Template | Misc Print | Pixeden

This is a useful professional Invoice Template to help you create a modern and distinctive invoice design for your projects.

案例 | 2014广告文案年度8宗“最”_文章_数字媒体及职业招聘社交平台 | 数英网@DIGITALING

案例 | 2014广告文案年度8宗“最”_文章_数字媒体及职业招聘社交平台 | 数英网@DIGITALING

design gráfico - exposição - minimalista -

Atlas, the new studio of Astrid Stavro and Pablo Martin, has pulled off a stunning identity for an iconic new design landmark in Barcelona.

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