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Fluorescent Acrylic Glass Art – Fubiz Media

Regine Schumann explores the fundamentals of color, light, and form through her objects. She uses black light, fluorescent Plexiglas and plastic light cords to transform space into a “black box” fi.

converse event taipei 2015 by stanley huang at

structures (exhibit kiosks, tables, chairs, cabinets, benches) that are supported by a solid base Stanley Huang converse event taipei 2015 I think the spot lighting and angled walls create a visual appeal and I enjoy the highs and lows of light.


This abstract display method is very dramatic. It is so very simple but it draws the viewer in to the display - which are actually only small printed images. This would be nice for the Exhibition team.

우리선조들의 효행...문익점, 김구...이런 분들 이미지?

Murmúrios Exhibition - Exhibitions / studio andrew howard images would be at eye level and reproduced at a life size proportion.