hanboklynn: “ Elegant and beautiful silk hanbok for Spring. With its gorgeous pastel-toned colors and high-quality silk, this hanbok is just stunning! and elegant hanbok dress for brides.

빈틈없는 아름다운 자태우아하고 여러 색채가 어우러져서 고급스럽고 단아한 선녀같은 느낌을 주는 한복이에요^^요즘은 명절에도 한복을 입지 않고 결혼식 날에만 입게 되지만,생활한복 등 ...

[Wedding Special Planning] ① New interpretation of traditional wedding ceremony New style, New Modern Korean Wedding


Yerin, wearing Hanbok (Korean traditional costume)The you tube child that laughs asleep or awake.

Cutie Korean Hanbok Couple--original hand drawn portrait

I have two framed pictures of a man and woman in traditional Korean clothing, but these are precious.