Urban Future by Kollision. URBAN FUTURE

Cool installation/display - URBAN FUTURE BIG (www.dk), Kollision (www.dk) and Schmidhuber + Partner (www.de) teamed up to bringing BIG’s vision of future urban mobility to life for AUDI at Design Miami 2011

BMW i: A Window into the Near Future.

BMW i - A Window into the Near Future. The BMW i Window Into The Near Future digitally transforms passing cars into the all-electric BMW and plug-in hybrid BMW Concept vehicles — and showcases our vision for the future of mobility.

Perch. Interactive display technology for any light-colored table surface.

Where physical and virtual shopping blend together. Revolutionizing how we shop. There are so many interesting opportunities for this small, portable, user-friendly technology.

Big Data for Smarter Customer Experiences

is a phenomenon that is being talked about more and more. At they believe they can collect and frame the data that exists around us to create smarter experiences and easier lives. Everything in this video is possible with the data and

Interactive 3D Fog Display on Vimeo

Miu-Ling Lam, Yaozhyn Hung e Bin Chen hanno presentato questo "Interactive Volumetric Fog Display" al Siggraph 2015 (International Conference and Exhibition on

Interactive Shop Window "LOOKS" | AINZ&TULPE

Ambient advertisment created by Dentsu, Japan for Ainz&Tulpe, within the category: Retail Services.


Japan’s Glico lets snackers turn their empty boxes into augmented reality sets for Doraemon!

L’Oréal's My UV Patch - Hands on at CES 2016 - YouTube

It’s highly unlikely that right now, you associate L’Oréal with cutting edge wearable technology, but the more-than-a-century old beauty company is about to .

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