Bright and visual and made me raise my eyebrows

Magdiel Lopez I found her on Behance. Her combination of photography and use of bright, vibrant colors just gives me a pleasant, energetic feeling.

papier à entete coordonnées bas de pages                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Interesting idea to put the clients info on an angle at the bottom and have a block colour as the text spaces background!

delicate-vacuum:  »Let´s talk ABOUT« is the motto of the ABOUT Independent Publishing Fair in Mainz. This fair for small publishing houses a...

Poster for Independent Publishing Fair's "About" event in "Let's Talk About" date of event Independent Publishing Fair website One typeface, looks like geometric sans serif. Two colors: purple and white.

Eric Coll and Sergio Ibanez at Barcelona studio Setanta

Graphic design inspiration