TG Lee

TG Lee
Seoul / 이연우(子),안성신(妻)과 두산베어스 잠실 경기를 보고난뒤, 이스턴사이드킥의 노래를 들으면서 집으로 왔더니, 리버풀 축구중계를 하고 있네. 아 그리고 오늘은 오재원이 홈런 친날임, beause StoneCold said so...
TG Lee
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Japanese White sweet!

The Japanese White-eye (Zosterops japonicus) is a small passerine bird in the white-eye family. Its native range includes much of east Asia, including Japan, China, Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Paging Dr. House

Two-time Golden Globe winner Hugh Laurie is back one last time as TV’s favourite misanthrope, Dr. Gregory House, in the hit series’ eighth and final s.

House. Delicious Dr. House.

I've been a big Hugh Laurie fan ever I watched Blackadder for the first time in to go clear to England to discover this hilarious show


A awesome ad for ball-pen "Pilot Extra-fine", with some crazy Bad ass Tattoo on LEGO figurines ! I love it ! Created by Grey agency (Barcelona).