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my vinyl collection. i have some more behind my audio set these days. the picture was taken sometime in feb this year so, another 3-400 copies have increased this year so far.

Schooner Head Overlook/Anemone Cave, secret sea cave in Acadia National Park.

Schooner Head Overlook/Anemone Cave

Many years ago Anemone Cave in the heart of Acadia National Park was once one of the National Park's star attractions. People came from far and wide to hike down to this acient sea cave and explore its insides. But than the National Park Service decided to abandon the cave from the parks attractions. All sign's and railings that led down the cliff to the sea cave were removed, and in recent years, Anemone Cave has been removed from maps. It is very important to note that Anemone Cave is a…


1932 RCA-Victor Radiola, Art Deco console, not only played 10-inch 33 RPM records and radio, but you could RECORD on "pre-grooved recording disks" with either microphone or off the radio!


Streamline deco Bakelite record player with 1940s picture discs.

Streamline deco Bakelite record player with 1940s picture discs.

Vintage Ads. #Vintage #Ads #Advertising

Vintage Ads. #Vintage #Ads #Advertising

Record player

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Just a blog about the things i love, all things kitsch! If it's tacky, ugly, campy, cutesy, quirky or wonderful, you'll find it here. You'll also find some vintage and retro things as well. What is Kitsch? Kitsch is pleasingly distasteful. It's melodramatic, overdone, gaudy and tacky or sentimental and folksy. It's so bad that it's cool. Kitsch is either cutsey fun or hideous ugliness, depending on the viewer's opinion. Enjoy the kitsch!

Micro Perophone radiogramophone, 1932

1950s Hi Fi Record Player Radio vintage Turntable Console at Wind Gap Flea Market PENNSYLVANIA

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Boat at night Biarritz, France Enchanted coast


Plastic Dreams magazine - Models Bruna Tenorio In futures exchanges, a scalper is considered as a noninstitutional trader who makes a g...

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Vintage gramophone

Vintage gramophone

vintage phonograph photo

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Whoa! Picture of phonograph from Thomas Edison Museum at Menlo Park.

Thomas Edison Museum

This was a very cool place to visit. Lots of neat stuff to see there.

Antique Oak Victorian Phonograph-Extremely Rare

Antique Oak Victorian Phonograph-Extremely Rare - Jun 24, 2012 | GovernmentAuction in CA

Fully Restored Early Oak Horn Victor Phonograph == Fully Restored Early Oak Horn Victor Phonograph Item Profile: GOV ... on Jun 24, 2012