Color is the key on the promotional calendar for French-Canadian neighborhood restaurant, Edgar. #packagedesign #designinspiration

pin-up calendar for French-Canadian neighborhood restaurant, Edgar, keeps the classic concept classy. Love the playful graphics overlapping the daily numbers and the overall color palette.

Dope calendar /// Source: imrubenfigueroa

Dope calendar /// Source: imrubenfigueroa I like how the tex interacts with the pattern - kind of reliant on one another to accentuate

2016 Matchbook Calendar {#107}

2018 Matchbook Calendar™ (#107)

Eighth annual pocket-sized matchbook calendar. This year's design is a tongue twister: seven sevens form a chevron! Lovingly handprinted on an antique letterpress with your choice of a red, yellow, bl

Calendar design by Szende Brassai

How to Use Tints and Shades in Your Designs

Dark Abstract Calendar | ABSTRACT IMAGES ARE INCLUDED | A striking, bold modern calendar with a typographic style, the Dark Abstract Calendar is perfect for those looking something a little different. Poster sized design in A3 and 11×17 inch (Tabloid) format, but can be scaled or adjusted to another paper size easily.

Dark Abstract Calendar