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2 Young 2 Die!
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Die, Workwear! - Bill Evans and The Ivy Look

Bill Evans and The Ivy Look In during the heydays of Ivy Style, The New York Times surveyed a group of college grads to find out what they thought of the Ivy Look. Opinions were decidedly mixed.

No756 My La La Land Minimal Movie Poster Digital Art by Chungkong Art - Tags: La, LaLa, Land, Damien, Chazelle, Ryan, Gosling, Emma, Stone, Hollywood, jazz, pianist, actress, Los, Angeles, famous, club, musical, oscar, 2017, minimal, minimalism, minimalist, movie, poster, film, artwork, cinema, alternative, symbol, graphic, design, idea, chungkong, chung, kong, simple, cult, fan, art, print, retro, icon, style, sale, gift, room, wall, hollywood, original, time, best, quote, inspiration

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self expression

In my opinion the best way to advertise is by visually stimulating the viewers mind and injected ideas, thoughts and opinions via this process. Images like this do that exact job

5 Types of Bricks: Applications and Advantages

5 Bricks Types:Clay, Sand Lime, Engineering, Concrete and Fly Ash Clay Bricks. Applications and Advantages. Why is Brick Construction so Popular?

VUC Syd / AART Architects + ZENI Architects

Completed in 2013 in Haderslev, Denmark. Images by Adam Moerk. The new education centre for VUC Syd in Haderslev, Denmark, has no traditional classrooms. Instead, it appears as a vibrant and visually engaging.

Kunsthaus Bregenz / Peter Zumthor

building and its surroundings Peter Zumthor's building 'Kunsthaus' was built in Bregenz, Switzerland.