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A Convertible Pierre Chapo 'L07' Day Bed or Bench image 9 More
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건강 및 피트니스, 음식 및 음료 및 Diy 및 수공예품에서 인기 있는 핀 18개
ISAURA sillón para exterior.
Simple joinery. "Japanese designer Yota Kakuda's collection of wooden furniture at DesignTide Tokyo 2010 called 'Tenon'"
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Pat Percival of NorthCoast Knives posted this simple phototutorial demonstrating how he makes decorative handle pins for his custom knives by nesting telescoping metal tubing of various sizes, shapes, and materials. These are known as "mosaic" pins among knifemakers, and although Pat only mentions it in passing, it is generally agreed that the voids in the design need to be filled with some kind of resin, which is often epoxy with coloring agents added to taste.
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monkey knots!