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The Lounge--A Mafia Game by Alexander Gregory — Kickstarter

Alexander Gregory is raising funds for The Lounge--A Mafia Game on Kickstarter! A game of deceit, murder, and fancy clothing! The Lounge is a social deduction game where the Mafia are trying to take over!

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How to Design a Card Game - A Few Tips from a Game Designer

Glance at any news coverage and you'll see the US presidential elections dominating it. It's on a lot of people's minds as it determines who will (arguably) be the most powerful person in the world.

Rethemed or Re-designed by Chris| BoardGameGeek

My retheme of the Antoine Bauza card game Hanabi. Includes cards, luggage area card, blue and red luggage tokens, rulebook and box.

Game setup for Death Wish #cardgames #kickstarter #boardgames

Game setup for Death Wish