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올해 상반기, 서소문 역사공원 공모전과 함께 대내외적으로 건축계에서 뜨거운 감자가 되었던 마포 석유비...

올해 상반기, 서소문 역사공원 공모전과 함께 대내외적으로 건축계에서 뜨거운 감자가 되었던 마포 석유비...

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Sketchup = Free 3D imaging software from Google! Maxwell = Amazing Render suite that makes 3d models look real (but costs $). Sketchup + Maxwell Plugin = Free amazingness :D

For those of you that have been rendering for years, you know the name Maxwell. Using their Render Suite, which connects to SketchUp, you can create some amazingly realistic models. The problem has been that you were required to have the full Maxwell Rend

Gallery of Bee Breeders Announces Winners of Pape Bird Observation Tower Competition - 35

Pape Bird Observation Tower winners selected from Spain, USA and France, with student winners from Bilgi University.