MosaicoGroup: inspiration for user interface on our system integration I've long been a fan of radial menus. though historically, I appear to have been in the minority

53 page design

Awesome colors for a scroll down site . Incredible web design layout and color palette selected. I really like this homepage - whatever web designer created this would definitely have a job at Isadora Design.

online magazine for young audiences by Isabel Sousa.

Bright and eye catching colors used in this online magazine for young audiences by Isabel Sousa.

Floating burger 2.0 by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Floating burger 2.0

Motion in the world of design is used to describe spatial relationships, functionality, and intention with beauty and fluidity. Motion might sound like a big concept, but when used effectively it is…

Johanson Design / WEB Art Direction, UI/UX, Web Design

Clean and very editorial - a direction designers should be moving in for 2015 Designer: Tommy Olsson

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iOS - New Gestures by Javi Pérez

iOS - New Gestures

Gesture-driven UI is the best solution for mobile UX. It provides variant functionalities to your website in mobile platforms.

Untitled 6 My Minimalistic iOS 7 Redesign Concept

My Minimalistic iOS 7 Redesign Concept

IOS 7 Redesign iOS 7 Redesign Completely Flat & Minimal in Webdesign

Water Consumption App.

app design The Ultimate Trends for UI Inspiration: Animated Concepts, Menus, SVG graphics and more - Image 40

800 x 600 5 17

ToFind - Transition Test