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These unique and unusual plants are so much fun to grow.

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Begonia foliosa

Begonia foliosa-tips for growing begonia plants at https://www.houseplant411.com/houseplant/begonia-plant-how-to-grow-care-for-a-begonia-plant

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Syngonium erythrophyllum (Arrowhead Plant)

Ten tips on how to grow and care for a Syngonium Plant at https://www.houseplant411.com/houseplant/arrowhead-plant-how-to-grow-care-guide-syngonium-nepthytis

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Climbing Onion Plant

Care guide on how to grow a Climbing Onion plant at: https://www.houseplant411.com/askjudy/how-to-grow-a-climbing-onion-plant-2

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An Orange Aloe? Here's a Non-Hardy Succulent Worth the Trouble to Grow It

When you don't have a greenhouse, indoor windowsill space becomes premium real estate in winter. So I try to stay away from tender plants. After the last couple of seriously cold winters, the list of plants that need protection grows...

semillas de flores on sale at reasonable prices, buy 100 Mini Cacti Lithops Seed Succulents Raw Stone Cactus Seeds Stone Flowers Tetragonia Potted Flowers Semillas De Flores Free from mobile site on Aliexpress Now! Unusual Flowers, Unusual Plants, Rare Plants, Rare Flowers, Cool Plants, Beautiful Flowers, Cacti And Succulents, Planting Succulents, Cactus Plants

Kalanchoe Tubiflora, Bird's eye view

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Devil's Backbone Pedilanthus tithymaloides

Learn how to grow and care for a Devil's Backbone Plant at https://www.houseplant411.com/askjudy/how-to-care-for-a-devils-backbone-plant-pedilanthus-tithymaloides-2

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Kalanchoe delagoensis

Tips on how to grow kalanchoe plants at: https://www.houseplant411.com/houseplant/kalanchoe-how-to-grow-care-guide

How to grow a Zebra Plant - Aphelandra Squarrosa 'White Wash' care tips at Houseplant411.com Green Leaves, Plant Leaves, Zebra Plant, Peat Moss, Unusual Plants, White Leaf, Potting Soil, Plant Decor, Beautiful Gardens

Aphelandra Squarrosa 'White Wash' with white leaves and strong veining

Aphelandra Squarrosa 'White Wash' is a variety of the popular, pet friendly, 'zebra plant'. It is characterised by white/beige leaves with spots of green and strong veining and undulating leaves.

Aralia Plant - How to Grow Care Guide - Ming Aralia How To Grow Bonsai, Air Layering, Northern Exposure, Indoor Trees, Low Light Plants, Poisonous Plants, Peace Lily, Succulent Gardening, Unusual Plants

Ming Aralia

Tall, gorgeous Ming Aralia tree. How to grow care tips at: https://www.houseplant411.com/houseplant/how-to-grow-an-aralia-plant-care-guide

Adenia glauca, a southern African succulent. It is a member of the passifloraceae family. The caudex widens as it grows and can become quite large. Purportedly a metre wide at the base with a vine reaching (Juan Ramón Alonso) Unusual Plants, Rare Plants, Exotic Plants, Cool Plants, Cactus Plante, Large Flower Pots, Paludarium, Different Plants, Cacti And Succulents

Adenia glauca

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Homalomena ‘Selby’ (Homalomena hybrid) ~ Homalomena Plant for Sale Unusual Plants, Rare Plants, Mini Plants, Indoor Plants, Bat Flower, Rainforest Plants, Large Flower Pots, House Plants Decor, Starting A Garden

Homalomena ‘Selby’ (Homalomena hybrid)

Homalomena ‘Selby’ (Homalomena hybrid) ~ Homalomena Plant for Sale | Homalomenas are tropical plants native to the humid rainforests of Southeastern Asia

A Rabbit's foot fern is a lovely compact fern that never makes a mess. Rabbit's Foot Ferns have thin lacy medium green fronds that have an almost bluish green tinge and hairy little "feet. Fern Houseplant, Fern Plant, Plant Leaves, Indoor Ferns, Indoor Plants, Indoor Gardening, Rabbit Foot Fern, Ferns Care, Growing Plants Indoors

Rabbit's Foot Fern

Rabbit's Foot fern how to grow care guide: https://www.houseplant411.com/askjudy/what-is-this-houseplant-with-hairy-feet

Pocketbook Plant Care Tips - Calceolaria herbeohybrida Pictures Kanna, Wonderful Flowers, Unusual Plants, Exotic Flowers, Plant Care, Houseplants, Pouches, Indoor Plants, Planting Flowers

Pocketbook Plant

Pocketbook plant (Calceolaria) is an outdoor annual that can be grown in a pot indoors. Care tips: Calceolaria

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Rhipsalis "Mistletoe" Cactus

How to identify, grow, and care for a Rhipsalis "Mistetoe" Cactus: https://www.houseplant411.com/askjudy/plant-identification-rhipsalis-mistletoe-cactus

YES this is a real flower: Hot lips (psychotria elata). Affectionately known as Hooker’s lips, Psychotria elata with its colorful red flowers attracts many pollinators, including butterflies and hummingbirds. Unusual Flowers, Unusual Plants, Real Flowers, Amazing Flowers, Beautiful Flowers, Strange Flowers, Weird Plants, Beautiful Lips, Exotic Plants

This is genuinely a real flower. Psychotria elata, also known as "hookers lips".

This is genuinely a real flower. Psychotria elata, also known as "hookers lips"