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Welsh Spoon - thanks for bringing it back...Mari

The Lovespoon seems to have developed from the "cawl\" (Welsh broth or soup) spoon. Traditionally, young men would fashion intricately carved wooden spoons and present them to a young girl, hopefully to influence a relationship. Hence the word "spooning".

Recycled skateboard rings by Chile's Rubrum.

The Carrotbox - glass rings, plastic rings, lucite rings, stone rings and other non-metal chunky cocktail rings

Gustav Reyes Universo: Walnut

These one-of-a-kind designs embody a beautiful fusion of natural, fundamental materials with modern vision and form. - Handmade earrings - 2 inches in diameter with a drop - Silhouette: hand-ca

Wood Drop Earrings | Wantoot

Discs are hand fabricated in sterling silver and are then inset with rosewood. A small satin brushed asymmetrical disc completes the design.