Wallpaper, 1905–13. Block-printed on paper. Made by Zuber et Cie. France

Reminds me of the wallpaper my grandparents had in their bathroom. indigodreams: i-love-art: Wallpaper, Block-printed on paper. Made by Zuber & Cie. Via Cooper-Hewitt.

guest uchiwa - Japanese paper fans are called “ Uchiwa”. Image via Kumi Ito of…


A Norigae pendant is worn with a women& hanbok (Korean traditional clothing). It is tie to the outer goreum (a coat string) or the waist .

Japanese Art Deco comb. Taisho Era (1912-1926). The Creative Museum

Japanese Art Deco comb, Taisho Era , Floral design in yellow and black opposition typical Art Deco colors. Note the seamless integration two teeth decor.


~ Living a Beautiful Life ~ ♥ Romance of the Maiden ♥ couture gowns worthy of a fairytale - Hanbok

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