Visual metaphor

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This picture tells about the phenomenon of the global warming. Inside the hourglass is our living city and the ice water. It means that every second we may put ourselves in the danger of submerge by the dissolved iceberg from the Southern Pole.

Global Warming Hour Glass: “We are running out of time; act now before it’s too late.

This is a normal situation for most of the people. They take lots of junk food such as fries, chips, soft drinks and refuse to have daily exercises. They got fat rapidly, and finally they just like the potatoes on the sofa, holding the controller and watching the television.

Metaphorically Speaking, Men Are Expected to be Struck by Genius, Women to Nurture It. We find an idea more or less exceptional depending on the metaphors used to describe it. And those had different effects depending on the gender of the idea’s creator.

'Just Be Nice'. This is a poster that tells people who likes the word abusement to others. Some times there are not only violent can hurt others but the horrible communication. So we can see the man with mad on his face spit out a fist to the woman's face.

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. When most people hear the words domestic violence they automatically assume it involves some type of physical abuse. But domestic violence may.

This picture is no name and theme on. But I prefer to understand it as a elite of designers. As a designer, the most important  requirement is creative ability and intelligence. The light bulb represent the new ideas, and the nice suit is means this person is an elite in somewhere.

Mia-this image presents a man who get a buib head, i think it means the man who always get clever ideas, it metaphors ideas come out or creat something new, the buib is lighting, like the process the idea come out.