Japanese joints

Pocket-Hole Joints are great. But we have to admit. these Japanese Joints are pretty cool, too. Of Course, the Japanese!

Marc Newson, The Master Of Futuristic Minimalism

Celebrating Marc Newson, The Master Of Futuristic Minimalism

"I love the simplicity of this design, although I cant see the use of bright yellow in the kitchen being a timeless asset in home decoration" Marc Newson, The Master Of Futuristic Minimalism


Clean and understated visual cues inspired the application of multiple metallic finishes onto touch points for this Frigidaire VBL project.

Sekki cutlery by Nendo

nendo designs sekki cutlery with kobayashi kogo - designboom

Nice on/off button

Drill: On

This is a pretty creative ui element, it’s definitely not your ordinary white circle slider & to me the ui element itself looks like a construction cone so it makes sense it’s a slider for a drill, construction & drill go together, hopefully you get it (;

Herman Miller Mirra chair

Herman Miller Mirra chair for the studio. Looks like you get a fair few parts for the money. Thankfully it will arrive fully assembled as we don’t fancy trying to put that lot together. Find out more about the beautiful designer furniture of Herman Miller