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10 tips for kawaii character design

These great tips will help you to incorporate kawaii style into your own creative work. Cute chibi like tutorial

#CoverReveal Reincarnation Blues by Michael Poore

Reincarnation Blues by Michael Poore


conceptcookie: “ Exercise 27 Results: Shading Candy Step by Step by: Tim Von Rueden (vonn) Check out our sweet Candy Study results with full step by step explanation HERE.

About five o’clock in the afternoon.

hueandsaturation: About five o’clock in the afternoon. CRISTIANA COUCEIRO Illustrator freelancer living in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Set of coins for a Slots game on Behance game design coins slots ui ux …

Japanese woodblock print by Ray Morimura

Woodblock Print - Woodblock art never ceases to astound me. House in Tamugimata - woodblock print by Ray (Rei) MORIMURA, Japan 森村 玲 [田麦俣の家]