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an abstract black and white background with lines in the shape of a circle on it
11 Stunning Examples of Tab Based Navigation - Qode Interactive
an orange and black poster with the words plan c on it's bottom half
Behance에서의 Planc
three boxes with different types of information on the top and bottom, all labeled in blue
Segment Customer Data Infrastructure
Segment Customer Data Infrastructure designed by Kyna Diggs for Segment. Connect with them on Dribbble; the global community for designers and creative professionals.
a diagram showing the flow of data in different languages, with green and black text
the service model is shown in green on a black background, with circles and arrows
Tikkle : Metaverse based Self-development platform
an orange background with the words virtuous cycle market growth
idus Brand Identity
an advertisement for the new fire alarm system, which is designed to look like it has been
Torch Sensors
an image of the inside of a webpage with different types of images and text
a black and white image of a man with glasses on his head, standing in front of a cross
Elements on the website
a black and green info sheet with some people on it
Tikkle : Metaverse based Self-development platform
Tikkle : Metaverse based Self-development platform on Behance
an info sheet describing how to use the five steps in this process, and what they are
heejae jang
heejae jang on Behance
an image of a diagram with words in it