Top row, #2 and #3.

Series Logo designs from a personal and fictional project by Justin Van Genderen. I bet you know some of the companies. “A fresh look at different companies, schools, organizations etc. from pop culture.” via: WE AND THE COLOR

I liked this polygon styled logo. I also really like the colors. The logo fits the company "Brokoli" perfectly.

20 Polygon Style Logos

Polygon logos have become quite a trend in the logo designer world with many designers trying some form of it. Here are 35 amazing examples of polygon style

HITALK - Branding | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

Creating a branding system is always a intricate process, it requires a lot of thinking especially on how to make things look as they are part of a family, sometimes some varitions look better than the other but the overall look and fee

Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt - A simple but necessary icon design in harmony with the golden ratio.