Cafe4U | Kamakura, Japan. Is that a fold-it table from the window wall!??

Facade includes a fold-down table for outdoor dining or a cup of coffee -

Retail - Kitchen Center - Nicolás Lipthay - Kit Corp

Kitchen Center / Nicolás Lipthay

Architects: Nicolás Lipthay / Kit Corp Location: Santiago, Chile Collaborators: Rodrigo Torres Contractor: Kit Corp S.A Lighting: Catalina

I like the simplicity of the black color and the boldness of the vertical lines.

Café Craft

Craft // 24 Rue des Vinaigriers // Mon-Sat Sun a design-heavy co-working space

Polder | 13, rue des Quatre-vents – 7006 Paris

The Parisien Shop Polder, is located rue des Quatre-vents Tel + 33 1 43 26 07 Monday to and tuesday-saturday : to and

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