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This is Mary-anne. She is a character who is featured most of the story. She is Ian's daughter (I will show a picture of him later) and the cloth is what she wears the whole story

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I was waiting a payment and got bored. I usually keep those to myself as I do them pretty often as a record of a current process and archive but I guess. How I Paint - Several Things

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~ The Table of Traditional Japanese Colors.Probably good if you are an artist, or have to get your Japanese apartment renovated 😁

If you're a color addict, then you know the struggles of picking the perfect color. How do you put into words that exact shade you're looking for? Well, you need a color thesaurus. If only something like that existed. Oh wait — it does? Yup, and here it is.

Ever wish you had a color thesaurus? Craving a more evocative term to describe a color than basic "red" or "blue?" Delight in this colorful infographic!