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Bad-ass Mustang GTT

Bad-ass Mustang GTT

bike#72 Color Variations

bike#72 Color Variations

Más tamaños | Nizo S 800 Braun Super 8 Camera | Flickr: ¡Intercambio de fotos!

Nizo S 800 Braun Super 8 Filmkamera designed by Dieter Rams in Photos by VernissageTV Didier Leroi

2030 Chevrolet Racing Concept by Songming Fan

The power of organical and mechanical senses in single racing concept vehicle from Chevrolet. Chevrolet : Racing Concept 2030 Designer: Songming Fan China Academy of Art, Hangzhou

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This is the ultimate combination of semi-auto and revolver! Some weapon designer out there has to be smart enough to make something like this.

Autouber Autonomous Car Design by dxLabDesign

Autouber Autonomous Car Project Learns About Its Passengers to Create Perfect Environment for Them

Groundsurf by 1135Garnet – frontwheel drive 3-wheeled electric longboard

The Groundsurf is a new innovation from believe it or not, it’s an electric skateboard with front wheel drive, a rear suspension/steering mechanism and a sensor that can detect you falling off and stop the power to the wheels.