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Creative Tea

Like to have biscuits with your coffee? Have less dishes to clean up later with the Dunk Mug, an unusual-looking mug with a place for cookies and biscuits on

Bevel Cup – Angular Handle Cup by Gao Fenglin & Zhou Buyi

Bevel Cup – Angular Handle Cup by Gao Fenglin & Zhou Buyi - Designed with hygiene in mind. Once washed, these cups are turned upside down and dry at an angle to keep them clean.


Bevel Cup Angular Handle Cup by Gao Fenglin Zhou Buyi Revolutionizing the mug !

Creative Tea

To provide some additional options for the newly addicted, this collection of coffee and tea mugs features designs that are unique and practical at the same time.

SlingsHOT Is The Perfect Tea Cup Design

SlingsHOT Is The Perfect Tea Cup Design

Despite its awesome, yet misleading name, the Tea Cup SlingsHOT, is not about turning your tea into a projectile weapon. Designed by Samir Sufi, the cup of

57 Creative Designer Mugs • MY DIY CHAT • DIY Projects, Crafts, Gifts and More!

Tea Code Cup has a look of a sleeve with cute button on it. Just lace up your tea bag around the button and relax with hot delicious tea.

modern-tableware-mini-cup-carry-all (1)

Modern Tableware and Unique Gift Ideas, Coffee Cups with Handbags and Pockets

Mini Cup Carryall Lilli mini-bag simply hooks onto the rim of the cup. The bag also doubles as a cookie holder.


Sometimes Using The Finger Is Better

Finger Coffee – Coffee Cup Design by Li Cheng & Zhang Xun for Newplan Design

Finger Coffee - OK, I’m guilty of sticking a phalange or two in my hot drink to give it a good stir when in a tough bind (i.

Pick-cup by Jung-Woo Baik » Yanko Design

Pick-cup by Jung-Woo Baik


We have disposable cups so why not disposable handles? The Clean Cup holder slides onto most disposable cups instantly turning them into a proper mug.