Ho Jeong Yoon
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Habit a la francaise ca. 1775

suit (Habit à la française), France, c. Pink silk satin with floral silk floss and chenille thread embroidery, fabric-covered and embroidered buttons; waistcoat: ivory silk satin with matching embroidery.

"A caraco à la Française, seen from behind; the back pleats, or the back itself, are the same as on the robes à la Françaises. At first only trimmed on the front & around the throat, over time the trim was extended around the hem.The 1st caracos were very long; this form was lost several years ago, they should end at the opening of the pocket slits in the petticoat. After the sleeves were ended with pinked manchettes, they were put in sabot cuffs w/little bonshommes, this is their current…

Galerie des Modes, Cahier, Figure Woman of a certain class walking with a cane in her hand, dressed in a taffeta Caraco trimmed with Poufs.