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Step back in time with our collection of elegant 1920's dresses. Embrace the glamour and sophistication of the roaring twenties and create a stunning Gatsby-inspired look for your next event.
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When most people think of 1920s, fashion they think of short, fringe, sequin or beaded slip dresses with feather boas and headbands, long cigarette holders, and long white pearl necklaces. While there is some truth in the accessories, flapper dresses are far from it. Unfortunately, the majority of 1920s dresses and costumes takes cues from

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The Roaring Twenties were a golden era of fashion. WWI left women desiring a simple, comfortable lifestyle and a fashion style that reflected the new modern age, where young women outnumbered the older Edwardian generation. 1920s fashion was made for by the young and free spirited youth who discarded their corsets and showed off their

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The long 1920s evening dress or short cocktail dress with its beautiful beading and fringe is a must-have party dress this year. Short beaded flapper dresses are in fashion, although true vintage 1920s party dresses never went above the knee and didn't have much beading, sequins or fringe (they were expensive to add). Long tea

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The following are links to some ready-made or custom made Regency dresses, new empire waist dresses, sewing patterns, cheap regency era costumes, shoes, hats, and accessories ideal for your unique Jane Austen, Emma, and Bridgerton outfit. Look at Cottagecore for even more soft, romantic trendy fashions. Regency Jane Austen Dresses & Shoes The time of

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When World War One ended in 1918, people were obviously happy. So happy in fact that their collective euphoria ultimately influenced the fashion of the time. The era came to be defined by the emergence of vintage fashion, and as you can see from these pictures, it still looks awesome over 90 years later.

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To properly answer the question "What did women and men wear in the 1920s?" would depend on what they were doing, with whom, and at what time of day. Here you will learn about the types of clothing women and men wore for specific occasions. Follow the links within for even more 1920s fashion history.

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Hello again! Continuing on from last week's posting, here is Part Two from our recent Culture Bridal Couture photo shoots, showing our very latest sample designs, this time featuring the 1940's & 50's Vintage Glamour theme, shot in photographer Dario Gardiman's Erskineville studio (Sydney). Featuring some hot NEW "Culture" wedding dress styles, and re-working some of our more recent gowns seen in other shoots, we experimented with different hair & make-up styles, embracing our Vintage…