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3 gallon fish tank

Discover Pinterest’s 10 best ideas and inspiration for 3 gallon fish tank. Get inspired and try out new things.
No Tech, No Filter, No Ferts, No Heater, No co2, Budget Walstad Method Fish Tank - YouTube

How To: 2 Gallon No Filter, No heater, No Ferts, No co2 || Reboot!So i have done a fish tank like this before with great success but broke the tank down too ...

3 Gallon Bedside Shrimp Tank

Sharing the bedside night lamp. Its a cheap 3 gallon Tetra cube. I had originally housed a betta in there, but since I have a betta in my 10 gallon, I...

2.5 gallon tank, 2 x 13W lights, 25W heater, Mini-might internal filter, live plants, good betta tank, Flora: Amazon Swords, Wisteria, Ludwigia repens, Marimo ball, Java Moss, Riccia, Duckweed, Anubias something, Narrow-leaf Java Fern, 3 ghost shrimp, red cherry shrimp, 1 Amano Shrimp. Watch how the betta displays beautiful swimming and exploring behavior that you do not see when they are kept in smaller habitats.

Current bowl! 3 Golden White Cloud Minnows 3 Cherry shrimp ? Ghost Shrimp Too many snails Been missing my puppy out here in the dorm boondocks, so...

How To Make A No Filter 3 Gallon Fish Bowl Aquarium (No Filter No Ferts No Co2 No Heater Aquascape) - YouTube

1st Job MD'ers is to like the video. It helps more than you know!...And maybe buy some merch in the banner below if you want to support the channel :)FOLLOW ...

4 Best Fish For A 3 Gallon Tank - Aquarium Passion

The best fish for a 3 gallon tank aren't what you think! Although the “1 inch of fish per gallon” of water guideline is commonly used (especially by beginners)

20 Smallest Freshwater Aquarium Micro Fish That STAY Small

You have a small or medium-sized aquarium in your office or at home and wonder how to make it more lively.This is easy: I have a couple of options on my mind and while these are nano species of schooling fish that are beautiful to observe they also fit the bill perfectly.But what are the best freshwater inhabitants for a tiny 3.5 to 5-gallon tank?

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Catappa leaves are here! For those of you who want to use them as decoration in your fish tanks 👌🏻 they don't need to be soaked, boiled, they sink and stay in place. Starting next week, they will be available in sets of 10, 15 and 20 leaves.
How Many GloFish  (Buying Guide) #thepetsupplyguy #pet #pets #animal #fish #aquarium #fishtank #goldfish #guppy #tetra #glofish GloFish Tetras - Video Credit @zoomagazin_million_druzei on IG
How Many Moss Balls per Gallon  (Fish Tank Guide) #thepetsupplyguy #pet #pets #animal #fish #aquarium #fishtank #goldfish #guppy #tetra #marimo #amano Marimo Moss Ball Amano Shrimp @lonecolt
EHEIM Vivaline 240