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Watch this video and find out, how a horse says "Thank you!" There are many organizations that are making a difference for animals in distress. One of the most important is "Four Paws." They have a presence in the US and around Europe to help animals of all sorts. They have been responsible for the

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Jessie Peek, a fisherman in Alaska, took things a step further when it came to selecting the animal he wanted to feed. He noticed a group of bald eagles, an endangered species, and our nation's patriotic symbol, near his docks. He decided to start feeding them treats. Soon things were communicated through the Bald Eagle

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Lion was living in a fishbowl and had no concept of the natural outdoors which he was instinctively attracted to, as this video proves. Finally, this lion was rescued from the horrors of the circus, and released to natural surroundings. As you can see in this video, even though he is fully grown, he is […]

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Raccoons are a sight to behold. With their natural bandit masks donning their face, they think they are invisible when pocketing our foods. They are our everyday thieves, albeit cute ones. Most of us keep them as pets, but even then, they are a challenge to keep. They can be kind of annoying when they

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The National Zoological Park is a home to some of the world’s most exciting animals. Based in Washington D.C.., the National Zoo attracts millions of visitors each year — but few are as adorable as this little girl. She’s having a blast while chasing this sea lion. She takes amusement from the fact that the

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The video below features a beautiful bond between a little girl and her faithful pack of German shepherd dogs. It was a beautiful day and five year old Pernille was out in the fields. When dad saw his daughter playing around, he couldn’t help himself from filming the precious moment on camera. But wait till

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