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Discover the fascinating world of architecture mapping and how it can transform the way we understand and design buildings. Explore top ideas and techniques for creating stunning architectural maps.
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A money-laundering bank for the Japanese government is among the concepts presented by Carleton University's MArch grads as part of their VDF schools show.

Alastair Kinnis
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Cities are alive! People move through the city to reach their work, school, go shopping or to enjoy culture, art, or other people. But what environments accommodate the urban vitality we all crave for? What is the influence of urban design and architectur…

Sophie M
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The thesis project begins from the bad flooding's management of the river Aniene in Tivoli (ITA), that is contributing the ruin of an important archeological compound of the roman age, composed of the Mausoleum of Plauzi and the Bridge Lucano. The thesis prouposes a solution to the flooding through the comprehension of the complex systems' landscapes.

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