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Discover an effective art rubric that helps assess and evaluate student work. Enhance your art curriculum with this comprehensive tool to guide and provide feedback for artistic development.
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cur·ric·u·lum (k-rky-lm) Origin: L, lit., a running course, race, career latin; currere, to run a fixed series of studies required, as in a college, for graduation, qualification in a major field of study, etc. I love questions. Well, some questions, the ones that cut to the chase. Certain questions are fun, like, "Does God have favorite colors?" He does use blue and green alot. Some questions are tricky. How about these: Where is the line that separates contentment and apathy? When does…

Therese Turnage
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Oh no! It's the big A word. ASSESSMENT! While it can be scary and intimidating to create numeric grades for an entire student body, there are simple tools that I use to make my job a little easier. I do not believe in grading an elementary student based on how well they can draw. That's so.... subjective! For the past several years, I have been a member of an elementary art PLC (professional learning community). Last year, we met once a month to discuss teaching strategies, assessment…

Sarah Updike

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