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Start the school year off right with these exciting ideas for the beginning of school. Discover ways to engage students and create a positive learning environment.
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The days before my first day ever teaching, I remember other teachers telling me not to smile till December so that the kids new the drill and that I didn't mean business. I remember them saying that the first day is filled with nothing but drills and procedures because we are training our students. I have a bone to pick with that. We don't train our kids, we teach them and remind them. Far to often I see on Facebook that Sammy's daughter came back home on the color red, on her first day of…

Taylor Durant
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The lessons you teach at the beginning of the year are crucial for laying the foundation and setting the tone for the rest of the school year. During the first week, your schedule should be a mix of teaching procedures and expectations as well as building a strong classroom community. Download o

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First Week Must Dos 4 comments Back to School, Freebies, Popular Posts There are so many things that teachers must do the first week of school. Do these sound familiar? All of these things (and probably a few others that I missed) must be taught, discussed, and practiced (repeatedly) if you want your classroom to run smoothly all year long. See the last item on that list? That's my favorite 'must do.' In my eyes, all the items in the list are equal in ranking when it comes to importance, but…

Amanda Naquin
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Back to School Night can be the first time you meet many of the parents in your class. It is important that you communicate all of the information the parents will need to help their child have a successful school year. Here are my top tips for planning an informative and stress free Back to School Night: Have a Sign In SheetHave parents sign in on a sheet as the enter the room. This will allow you to keep track of which student's parents were able to attend. Be sure to send home copies of…

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