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Betta fish care

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Betta Fish Care Guide: How To Care For Your Betta Fish

Bettas are hardy fish, and this often gives people the impression they don’t require much care. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth if ... Read more

Keeping Bettas In A Community Tank: Do's And Don'ts - Betta Care Fish Guide

Bettas, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are often thought of as solitary creatures that can’t coexist with other fish. However, with the right setup ... Read more

How to Grow a Bond With Your Betta Fish: 6 Fun Activities

Be the best companion to your betta buddy Betta fish, also called Siamese fighting fish, are popular pets because of their bright colors and prominent fins. Though they usually prefer to live alone, bettas are sociable creatures that can...

Betta Fish Care | Animal-World

Betta Fish Care Infographic! A handy cheat sheet to benefit any keepers of the fabulous Siamese Fighting Fish! Are You Taking Proper Care of Your Betta? The Betta Splendens – Sometimes known as the ‘Siamese Fighting Fish’ – is a beautiful, brightly colored species that’s captured the nation’s hearts and can be seen in living […]

Betta Fish Care - How to Take Care of a Betta | Bettafish.org

Instantly make your betta fish happier with this easy to follow betta fish care guide. Learn about water, food, and habitat requirements.

How to Tell How Old a Betta Fish Is: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

Bettas, otherwise known as Siamese fighting fish, are known for their snazzy colors and flowing fins. Chances are, however, when you brought your betta home in a cup from a pet store, you had no idea how old it was. It is hard to determine...

Best plants for Betta fish

Bettas prefer live plants, because plants could create a better living environment. Know more about the benefits of live plants for betta aquaponics fish tank.

Betta fish are not "low maintenance" pets, they deserve to be cared for properly.

Betta fish are not "low maintenance" pets, they deserve to be cared for properly.

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Betta fish are popular as pet fish due to their unique color combination and fin shape. It is also very easy to care for them. So if you have a betta fish and are wondering if you could build some real connection with it, the first question that comes to your mind is, “Does my fish even recognize me?”.
Bettas are beautiful in various bright colors and are entertaining to watch because they always appear cheerful. However, when it comes to finding the best betta fish tank, you must consider various factors, ranging from their needs to their environment. Because they are so simple to care for, many beginners believe that Bettas can live in fishbowls, mini fish tanks, and novelty fish tanks. It is best to become acquainted with their requirements before deciding on your ideal betta tank.
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