Bonsai fruit tree

Enhance your garden with a bonsai fruit tree. Explore our top ideas to grow and care for these miniature trees, and enjoy the beauty and taste of homegrown fruits.
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You are thinking of planting your mango tree to enjoy directly from the farm fruits, but you live in an urbanized, non-spacious estate. What do you do? Bonsai farming! This is an ancient Japanese farming technique that takes up a relatively small space due to the fact that you plant the mango into a small […]

Joanne Richardson
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In August 2017 I wrote a post about unsuitable material for bonsai. Most of the trees I discussed in that post were trees I'd grown from seed, in some cases hoping to turn them into bonsai. As I said at the time, however, I had no delusions that I could ever bonsai a mango tree, but I couldn't resist the temptation to grow my own mangoes. By the time I wrote that post my mango tree was seven years old and was flowering for the first time. Mango flower buds - August 2017 I was thrilled, but…

Gonzalo Benalcazar