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Packaging for a Double Stout & India Pale Ale with layout and typography cues from 18th century designs. “SAA were tasked with creating a distinctive packaging solution for the Shepherd & Neame ale classic collection. A collection based on 18th century IPAs which relied on generous hopping to protect exports during arduous journeys, this modern incarnation […]

Art Martins
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Sure, it is relatively easy to locate a decent bourbon nowadays, but are you prepared to pay? Some brands—looking at you Pappy—will give you a heart attack when you see the price tag. There is some good news, though. You do not need to spend hundreds. Try $50. Prepare your palate for a flavorful journey; this list of the best bourbon under $50 has some new and old favorites for you to discover. | Is Quality Reflective of Price? | Why is bourbon expensive? | #bourbon #drinks #alcoholicdrink

Richard Newstrom

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