Bts 2013

Explore the incredible journey of BTS as we go back to 2013 and witness their beginnings. Discover how this iconic K-pop group has grown and evolved over the years.

In my six years of being a taekook shipper obviously I have read a ton of taekook books and some of them being absolutely amazing. So me and my untalented ass decided why not do charity work and produce a compilation of some of the most mind-blowing taekook books. ( No offense to the books that I have not included 🤗🤗❤️❤️💜💜) So tadaaaah here are the books that are my absolute favourites uwu💗💗 They have good storyline, beautiful writing skills and an amazing plot. CAUTION : I'm a TOP TAE…

Dr4m4 S0ul Syst3m (TID🧩🧠❤️‍🩹)