Chicken life

Explore the interesting and entertaining world of chickens. Learn about their behaviors, habitats, and how to care for them. Start your journey into the chicken life today!
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1-2-3 Come Do Some Chick Hatching Activities With Me Do you study chickens or hatch chicks as a life cycle science unit? Our preschool does; they get their fertilized eggs from a local farmer. With that in mind, I designed this jumbo chicken packet, which is chock full of a variety of activities tha...

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A hen does not need a rooster to lay eggs. However, a hen does need a rooster to fertilize its eggs, otherwise the eggs will not hatch. If the egg is fertilized, the mother hen or a broody hen will care for the egg by keeping it warm until it hatches. While developing, the unhatched chick will eat the yolk in the egg to get the nutrition it needs to grow and develop.

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