Improve your relationships with effective communication strategies. Learn how to express yourself clearly and listen actively to create stronger connections with others.
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We sometimes think that providing positive feedback is as simple as saying “Good job” to our colleague as we exit a meeting. However, by doing that, we miss an opportunity to really dive into what our colleagues are doing that makes their work valuable. Below are some tips on how to improve your communication skills to make your positive feedback count.

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Anna Kövecses is a Hungarian born artist living between a small seaside village in Cyprus and a woodside cabin by Lake Balaton, in Hungary. She creates sweet, child-like digital collages using bold, minimalist shapes in a trademark palette. Her sketches and process possess a simplicity and naivety, leaving the final pieces with a charmingly folkloric final aesthetic. What’s wonderful about Anna’s work is its ability to completely seduce adults and children alike, leading her to work with…


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