Computer lab rules

Learn the essential computer lab rules to create a productive and focused learning environment. Follow these guidelines to maximize your learning potential and make the most of your time in the computer lab.
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CONTENT : "Computer Lab Rules" SPECIFICATIONS : - Digital download. - Scalable and editable vector graphics. - PDF format (PDF/X-1A to be precise). WHAT YOU GET : 2 printable PDF files : - 1 PDF in A2 (42 x 59.4 cm) which you can scale to other A-series paper sizes

Melissa Lundquist
Posters for Elem Technology Lab - Elementary Tech Teachers

The school year is nearly upon us! It is time to create an inviting learning environment in the computer lab. I have decided to go with a variation of the popular angry birds theme which I am calling "Techno Lovin' Birds." Our campus mascot is the roadrunner so this theme will be perfect for my grade K-5 students. Since my school mandates that 75% of the room be comprised of authentic student work, I have to give careful consideration to the content of the remaining 25%. My first task was to…