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Take your dance routine to the next level with these creative ideas. Discover new moves, music, and styles to add excitement and flair to your performances.
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Did you do the “Nitty Gritty” back in 1964? If so, were you as outrageously energetic as this young fellow is? In 1964, young people were doing a dance called the “Nitty Gritty.” This performance is a video time capsule of sorts showing how much dance styles have changed since the sixties. Bobby Banas is

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This first place dance routine is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. These dance partners have obviously been dancing together for a long time because they’re amazing. Ben Morris and Jennifer DeLuca have been dancing together for a long time now, and their synchronization certainly shows it. They usually do traditional swing dances, but this

Once you witness Southlake Carroll's Emerald Belles performing their competition-winning dance set to 'Sweet Dreams' you'll soon see why they are one of Texas' most beloved acts. For years, the Belles have capturing the hearts of audiences in and around their home but now thanks to AGT and the Crowd Pleasers Dance Area Competition, these stars are world-famous. #EmeraldBelles #SouthlakeCarroll #SweetDreams #Eurythmics #AGT #HighKick Dance, Dance Music, Videos, Hip Hop Dance, Dance Team Performance, Dance Teams, Dance Competition, Dance Performance, Dance Music Videos

The Emerald Belles are world-famous for their unbelievable high kick routines. Every perfectly choreographed dance act delivers explosive action, precision timing, and creative expressions that push the boundaries of interpretative dance. After rising to fame on America's Got Talent, Southlake Carroll's high kicking dance team have continued to astound. This is the dance kick routine

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If you've been on social media in the past week or so, you've likely scrolled past a now-viral video of a young girl and her dance teacher slaying a synchronized routine together in front of their class. The two break it down to an upbeat song with such impressive energy and badassery, so naturally, ...

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Shirley Clements is one of the people who can back the saying “age is just a number” with a proper physical demonstration. And she did it with the swagger of a teenager. Clements, a 60-year-old dance teacher at North Surrey Secondary School in Canada, is about to retire. She plans to move down to Mexico

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